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Lent in the Garden

I was recently asked to provide flowers for a Lenten retreat at Beckwith [1], the Central Gulf Coast Diocesan camp and conference center. I was thrilled to be asked and was glad to feel like I could contribute in some way. However, nothing of significance and numbers was blooming in my yard. The camellias, narcissus, and pear blossoms were spent while the bridle wreath was still in tight bud form. The snap dragons didn’t even reveal the slightest notion of blooming. What to do?? After combing the garden I walked toward the patio and then it came to me… Instead of cut flowers I could use the blooming pots of petunias! And, how perfect for Lent as the petunias are white and purple! I continued to look around and saw my heart shaped topiary of jasmine- even MORE perfect for the retreat because the theme was centered around St. Teresa de Avila who spoke often about expanding the heart! Here’s what I came up with for the reception area of our meeting room…


Open Heart

The arrangement came together when I remembered the moss covered cross that my dear friend, Marie, gave me. And, I can’t tell you how EVEN MORE perfect that was because Marie was the one who led the retreat!

Just as the cross is the centerpiece of this arrangement, this Lenten season calls us to bring Christ into the center of our lives. Retreat to your own garden, finding time for reflection this Lenten season, and listen for Christ’s calling in your life. Where are you being called to expand your heart?