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Shades of Provence


Provencal colors

No, I’m not in southeast France-oh, but I dream… and these flowers in my church courtyard in Pensacola, Fl. remind me of the compelling Provencal countryside.  You, too, can have a touch of Provence [2] where ever you live by studying the colors that so well define this French region.  Implement them in your surroundings by choosing annuals or perennials in warm oranges, sunbaked yellows and ochres, and shades of lavendar or deep blues. Calendulas, melampodiums, rudbeckias, lavendar, ageratums, or convolvulaceae-aka Blue Daze are just to name a few of the choices available. Do your research, then head to the nurseries to begin your escape to Provence!



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And, let’s not forget the poppy fields in Provence- how divine!!!!


Poppy Field in Provence

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What sunny dispositions the sunflowers have!


sunflowers of Provence

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