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Surfacing After a Busy Spring


getting ready for Cover's party

I promised myself I would blog regularly and I was doing fairly well with the commitment until spring arrived. Between landscape design projects, patio fluffings, my beautiful niece’s wedding, and a fabulous trip to Israel, I vanished from cyber/blog space. But, I’m back!!! I’m including a few photographs to show you what’s been going on with Simply Gardens and my life. Hope you all have been happily planting and sprucing things up to enjoy the rest of the growing season.

After the artic blast that left everyone hibernating, spring arrived in a rush. But, alas, the spring flowers were slow to arrive in the markets and Cover’s wedding date kept creeping closer. I helped host a party with the bride’s parents for the out of town guests at my house. It would be a garden party so the yard and garden had to be in great shape. The winter had given the landscape a severe beating and there was a lot of replanting that had to be done. On top of that I needed to get my 150 caladium bulbs in the ground because after the wedding I left for a two and a half week trip to Israel.

My childhood friend, Lisa Lipsey, came to Pensacola to run a half marathon. God works in mysterious ways as I haven’t seen Lisa in several years and she just happens to be a landscape architect in Blacksburg, Va. I sooo needed an extra set of hands and a “fresh’ eye for looking at my landscape. I’m sure Lisa expected to spend some relaxing time at the beach, but she hid any disappointment and eagerly helped me install plants and do the mundane spring chores. Lisa successfully completed the half marathon and I was there to help her celebrate. Here are a couple of pictures for proof!


I've got my work cut out for me!


Thank goodness for friends!!!!


Lisa after the half marathon


Celebrating with Lisa