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Garden Stools

I’m not the trendy type of gal who is always up on the latest – I tend to stick with classic designs, finding that I save time by not chasing the newest, must have thing on the market. BUT…there is this current trend that is classic in nature in which you might be interested- the garden stool and it has become increasingly popular.¬† My sister who loves to keep up with the latest keeps me abreast of what the trends are and what I supposedly can’t live without. This spring she mentioned that her daughter was in search of a “garden stool”. I didn’t know what she was talking about, but soon learned that was the name of the ceramic pedestal table I have seen in her house for years.

Not long after our conversation I was working with a client on a courtyard plan, when one day I went¬† to the site and there was a turquoise garden stool. How coincidental, and of course, I now had to have one! Here’s a picture of mine and how I use it- more as a piece in a grouping of plants than as a side table. If I’m in need for a drink table I can easily use it in a functional sense, or as it was intended centuries ago- as a garden seat. The picture below the grouping shows how the stool can be used as a side table. I would so love that whole scene, wouldn’t you?

Find garden stools anywhere from Target to Frontgate- check them out and let me know if you’ve found the garden stool as irresistible as I did!