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Old Orange

Old Orange [1]

Old Orange


These daylilies are nothing to exclaim over by any means. In fact, the tawny Hemerocallis fulva is shunned by most daylily “snobs” because it is considered common. You find them along country roads and ditches, in cemeteries, and beside rural homes. And that’s exactly from where these came! My sister and I dug these up from an abandoned homesite that belonged to our ancestors a century ago. For me, where these came from is more significant than the “exoticism”, if you will, of the actual plant. Old Orange is a connection to my past and from whence I came.

Our family has a weekend house in the Alabama country where we spend alot of time. It is where my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents lived and died. Hence, my strong connection to this place called Boligee. I guess that’s what we call “having roots” means. 

 Anyway, my sister and I transplanted these daylilies years ago to our weekend home.  A great mainstay for the southern summer garden, Old Orange-as I affectionately call this daylily- is heat and drought resistant, and very easy to grow. They have multiplied, and bloom profusely during the late spring and summer each year, providing a tangible reminder of my ancestors who gardened before me.  

  Tell me about your “roots”…