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Butterfly Gardening

  I have had a pretty hectic schedule the last couple of weeks and have not been tending the butterfly garden. Looking out the kitchen window I’d see a butterfly here and there looking for nectar. Alas, nothing “nectarish” was blooming- ugh!!! Finally, I went to The Garden Gate for my favorite butterfly plants. I loaded down my car with red pentas; purple, pink, and white (because I love white in my garden) verbena, milkweed, parsley, passion vine, liatris, and much more!

 Yesterday, I worked in the garden all day (and do I feel it today!) and got most everything planted. Later, I sat on the patio to observe. Sure enough, here comes a beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and it found the purple verbena! I just love it. There’s plenty of fennel and parsley now for egg laying… Now the fun begins!      

  I didn’t have my camera when I saw the swallowtail so the photograph is a shot I took of the same type of butterfly at Sewanee, Tn. when I was there for a retreat last spring. It lit on vinca vine in the woods.